Outdoor Research’s Guided Hardman/Hardwoman Climb

November 29, 2012
  • Instructor(s):
    Friday: Matt McCormick & Erik Eisele Sunday: Matt McCormick & Karsten Delap
  • Sponsored By:
    Outdoor Research
  • Day(s):
    Friday & Sunday
  • Private Cost:
  • Semi-Private Cost:

Climb on Cathedral Ledge: Repentance, Remission, Chia, or Dracula with a guest guide!  Snag up one of these guest guides quick!  These always get booked in a flash!

FRIDAY Hardman Guides:

Matt McCormick, an awesome and experienced New Hampshire guide and hardman that is getting after it, and would love to climb the steep stuff one on one or 1-2 ratio!

Erik Eisele, a solid North Conway native that loves to climb hard, and loves to guide one on one!  His clients always come back super psyched!

SUNDAY Hardman Guides:

Matt McCormick returns on Sunday for another day of hard climbing!

Karsten Delap, an experienced guide from North Carolina who comes back to New Hampshire every winter to get after the ice guiding but also to get after his personal climbing objectives!  He is always psyched to help other get after their objectives!