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Outdoor Research’s Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills

November 23, 2012
  • Instructor(s):
    IMCS Guides & Outdoor Research Athlete
  • Sponsored By:
    Outdoor Research
  • Day(s):
    Saturday, Sunday
  • Cost:

On Saturday, take your steep water ice climbing skills to the next level with IMCS Guides and an Outdoor Research athlete.

On Sunday, this will be taught with an IMCS Guide and Outdoor Research athlete.

Now that your comfortable on Grade 3 ice, it’s time to move on to the steep stuff. Learn how to move smoothly, without getting pumped! Vertical ice takes on many forms – mushrooms, bulges, cauliflower, candlesticks, chandeliers, pillars, curtains, smears, and flows. Brittle or punky, blue or yellow – it takes imagination and experience to move efficiently and confidently on this awe-inspiring terrain. You will get the chance to climb many different types of steep ice, learn to establish a resting position, and incorporate rock climbing movements into your ice climbing awareness.