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Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue (Two-Day Clinic)

December 6, 2012
  • Instructor(s):
  • Day(s):
    Friday-Saturday; Saturday-Sunday
  • Cost:
    $330 (price for 2 day course)

Are you planning a trip to Alaska, Mt. Rainier, the Alps or South America? This two-day intensive course will cover the skills of knots, friction hitches, roped travel techniques, self arrest, snow and ice anchors and extrication techniques.
All instruction will be by seasoned guides with extensive climbing experience on glaciers around the world. This practical “nuts and bolts” course will focus on developing the skills you will need to safely move over glaciers and around crevasses.
This course is a must for any aspiring mountaineer.

This 2 day course is available Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday.

NOTE:  On Saturday, this clinic meets at 7:30 AM.