Local wisdom for your caffeine fix, nutrition, and frosty beverage needs.

Moat Mountain Brewing Company: The official beer sponsor of the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest! When picking up beer after a day of climbing, look for Moat Brewing Co! Amazing folks behind this company that brew award winning handcrafted beer!Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery

Frontside Grind ❤'s Ice Fest!: There will be the special Dropline Blend coffee each morning of the Ice Fest at the American Alpine Club's table.  Austin from Frontside Grind roasts this brew especially for Ice Fest!  Want a latte, fresh baked goods, or an egg and cheese on a bagel?  Walk down one block to their location!  Presto!


Bagels Plus: Long-time supporters of Ice Fest, Bagels Plus is the place to get your breakfast in the valley. Get your coupon for Bagels Plus in your registration packet. They bake fresh bagels each day, including gluten free bagels and their famous "Boissant" a delectable combination of a croissant and bagel. Located just north of IMCS and IME on Rt. 16.


Flatbread Located conveniently right across the street from IME & IMCS, this place is the tops!  Warm, cozy, and amazing food with an incredible staff.  Relax and enjoy a natural pizza baked in a primitive wood fired oven, their renown salads, and finish the evening off with one of their oven warmed brownie sundae!


The Local Grocer The local grocer is located about 1 mile north of IME & IMCS on route 16.  Look for the big red barn-like building!  They love climbers, and their food is amazing!  They provide the North Conway community with local and organically raised food and farm fresh products.  Such a great place!