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Joe Klementovich photo

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All Outdoors Collective



Join All Outdoors Collective for a clinic that creates an intentional space for LGBTQ+ climbers and aspiring climbers. This clinic will be paced for first time ice climbers, though more experienced climbers can get plenty of climbing and 1:1 instruction throughout the day.

Participation may require walking up steep and unstable, rocky and snowy terrain to reach the climbing venue. Ice climbing involves use of the full body to climb ice with the support of a rope held by your climbing partner. Please let us know in advance of any accommodations you may need in order to participate.

While we encourage anyone in the LGBTQ+ community to join any clinic offered at Ice Fest, this clinic is specifically intended to provide an exclusive and welcoming space.

All Outdoors is a grassroots collective that organizes outdoor activities for all human beans and affinity groups. Our goal is to create intentional, vulnerable and safe spaces to celebrate who we are, learn skills, and to grow together as a community in the Mount Washington Valley!

Days Offered

Sunday - February 4

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