For those of you who are veterans of Ice Fest, you know that each year we bring in the biggest and brightest stars of modern ice, mixed, and alpine climbing to teach clinics, give slideshows, and just be around to hang out with the rest of us climbing mortals.

We are especially proud of the line-up of visitors for 2008: Colin Haley, Mark Richey, Max Turgeon, Will Mayo, and Mark Synnott. There’s also a rumor circulating that New Hampshire-native Josh Wharton will be around this Ice Fest–I’ll keep you posted when the details are confirmed.

If you’re not a die-hard climbing-mag reader, you might not be instantly familiar with some of these names–even possibly our headliners Colin Haley and Max Turgeon. If you don’t already know who these guys are, don’t worry, you will soon. These are two of alpinism’s rising stars–the guys who are on the front lines right now, opening the doors of what is possible to achieve in the mountains. We are stoked to be supporting this next generation of alpine bad-a*#es and we are grateful that these guys can take a few days out of their jet-setting expedition schedules to play with us here in New Hampshire.

Check out the Ice Fest SCHEDULE page for a list of the clinics offered by our celebrity guides and call us at the IMCS office (603-356-7064) today to reserve your spot in these limited-space courses!

Please note: Despite her name being on the poster, Zoe Hart unfortunately won’t be able to join this year due to a scheduling conflict (she’ll be off pioneering new routes halfway around the globe instead…). Our steep ice women’s clinics will be taught by our guest guide from the Colorado Mountain School, Majka Burhardt. Majka is an extremely talented and accomplished climber and guide from Boulder, Colorado. Check out her feature article in the current issue of Climbing magazine!