Graham Zimmerman and Mark Richey: Link Sar

Since it was first attempted in the 1970s the peak Link Sar in the Pakistani Karakoram has been one the last great unclimbed peaks of the world’s big mountains.
Join us as Graham Zimmerman and Mark Richey tell the story of their team’s multi-year quest to climb this peak through photos, videos and of course spoken word.
They will share the story of the peak, the story of the turbulent area where it resides and what it took to climb what their Karakoram veteran partner Steve Swenson has called “one of the hardest and most complex mountains I’ve ever climbed.”

Graham Zimmerman: Link Sar, presented by Outdoor Research

“Born in New Zealand raised in the Northwest. After being exposed to alpine terrain in the Cascades he moved back to NZ where he cut his teeth in the Southern Alps and became a strong part of the Kiwi climbing community. Then, after graduating from university in 2007 he moved back to the states and has been focused on climbing as it applies to alpinism ever since. This has taken him on expeditions from Alaska to Patagonia to Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan and all over the lower 48 and Canada where he has established dozens of significant new routes on rock, ice and snow.”

Mark Richey: Link Sar

“Mark began climbing and exploring at the age 15 in the Quincy Quarries of Massachusetts. An expert at all forms of climbing, he has made over 40 expeditions to the greater mountain ranges throughout the world with a focus towards technical alpine style ascents, exploratory climbing, and adventurous travel. Mark also owns and operates Mark Richey Woodworking and Design, which builds and installs high-end architectural millwork.”