Do you have yours? Keep it clean people! We’re talking about Sterling Rope’s twin ropes that are killer for ice climbing. Sterling is a New England based compamy, and they truly get how gnarly conditions can be here and everywhere when designing their ropes. We are so psyched that this homegrown company is a part of the 2011 MWV Ice Fest! Sterling Rope’s own Jim Ewing will be setting the Ice Fest Comp route with humbly strong Josh Hurst. These two are going to come up with something awesome for the 2011 competitors! We want to send a huge high-five to Sterling Rope! The Ice Fest Crew is super passionate about creating a fun and festive weekend for all- and Sterling Rope’s commitment, energy and psyche is helping make it all happen! We can’t wait to see you and your Sterling Ice Thongs at the Ice Fest!