Outdoor Research Men’s Alibi Jacket.

By now most of us have been out a time or two this season in between the weathers highs and lows. Every few years you have to, whether you like it or not, upgrade and update your gear. It gets worked! We just checked out Outdoor Research’s Alibi Jacket and it is looking pretty rad in our books. Gripped Magazine just wrote a review about it and this is what they found, and we agree with it too:

“Using a durable weatherproof fabric on the hood and shoulders and warm soft shell panels in the body, the Alibi delivers almost unrivalled weather protection, breathability and freedom of movement. This smart combination of materials allows the Alibi to excel in the broad range of hostile conditions climbers often encounter during winter climbing. OR’s unique hem-to-pit zippers provide unmatched venting while still protecting the core from the elements. Throw in a helmet-compatible hood, a built-in helmet liner and draft-stopping wrist gaskets, and climbers have one of the best winter jackets available. Climbers can pay more for other jackets but they won’t get better performance. Highly recommended.”

Picking up what we’re putting down? All we’re saying is you should definitely consider O.R.’s Alibi Jacket if you’re looking for a new one for this season, or next season. Call up Rick or Alec at IME and they’ll put in your order for one right away: 603-356-7013

Outdoor Research Women’s Alibi Jacket.