We are super psyched to announce that Earthtec has joined the 2011 Ice Fest. This is Earthtec’s first year with the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest, and we want make sure you know what this cool company is about. Earthtec is based out of New England’s own Portmouth, New Hampshire. They are outdoor lovers themselves, make great outdoor apparel, and thus they have a strong passion and devotion to the planet as well- this is what we love so much about Earthtec. In their own words:

“Earthtec, a group of people who love helping you look good and perform well in clothes that make the planet happier.”

This being said, Earthtec is a partner with A Fit Planet. We recently mentioned A Fit Planet on the Ice Fest Blog- and in a nutshell they:

“Provide news and information to inspire you to make more environmentally responsible decisions in your daily life, about the events you participate in, and about the products and services you buy.”

So we will be thinking green during the Ice Fest, along with many of companies who are a part of the 2011 Ice Fest! Like what you see from Earthtec? They have an outlet store right here in North Conway you can check out and purchase from. All in all, we want to say welcome aboard Earthtec!