Hello! Big things seem to be happening every day as we keep getting closer to the big day! Something that is always changing is our totally awesome sponsors! We’ve gotten three new sponsors just this week and wanted to share our excitement at having them on board with you! Their support of our cause is what makes this event, and all the fun you have at it possible! So without further adieu lets give them a hearty welcome!
First up is Jet Boil. We’re so psyched to have these guys on board again! They’re 10 years old this year (Happy Birthday!) and they make the most efficient outdoor cooking devices out there. Whether you’re camping, hiking, climbing or mountaineering these guys make a product that will fit your needs. They started out as a way to heat your water up super fast and have expanded to more high capacity, food friendly systems. If you haven’t ever used one of their stoves before, you don’t know what you’re missing! They’ll revolutionize you’re outdoor eating experience!

Jet Boil System

Next up is Rock On. They’re a small, community oriented company based out of Massachusetts. These folks have high expectations for their products and in the never ending search for the perfect soft-shell, climbing shirt or chalk bag they were never satisfied with what as out there. They took matters into their own hands and have come out with an excellent line of clothing that will keep you sending for years to come! You can find their gear at IME so be sure to look for them next time you visit the Mount Washington Valley.

Rock On Chalk Bags

Last but certainly not least is The North Face! These guys have been around the block a time or two and they’ve got the past 40 years and countless product lines to prove it! If you’re looking for one company that does it all, look no further. They’ve got foot wear, casual and technical clothing, sleeping bags, tents, packs… you name it and they’ve probably got it! They even have gear for the kids who’re out getting after it too! Not only does TNF have an amazing product line but the work they do to protect the environment for future generations is admirable. We’re happy to have them on board this year!

The North Face Summit Series Sleeping Bag