Great news Ice Festers! We’ve secured Julbo as an Ice Fest Sponsor again this year! They’ve been making sunglasses since the late 1880’s from their home in the French Alps, the heart of European alpine climbing. Julbo’s history lies in their innovative mountaineering glasses and they continue to make some of the world’s most popular and well known performance sunglasses. 

The Bivouak by Julbo

One of the many things we love about them is that they donate a pair of sunglasses for each of the Ice Fest Guides to make sure they’re outfitted with the best sunglasses in the business. They know that these men and women are out in the elements most days of the year and want them to have the best eye protection out there! On top of this they also sponsor a number of New England athletes including Freddie Wilkinson, Ben Gilmore, and Kevin Mahoney. When it comes to protecting your eyes you want the best there is and Julbo has the innovation and technology that will get the job done and with style! We’re psyched they’re with us again this year! 

The Explorer by Julbo