Hey Ice Festers! We’re happy to announce that Patagonia is back on board as a sponsor this year! We’re also psyched to tell you that they’re bringing us Majka Burhardt again this year too!! Majka will be guiding Patagonia’s Women’s Mixed Climbing on Saturday!  She recently moved to the Mount Washington Valley and we’re psyched to call her our neighbor. She’s traveled all over the world for climbing and adventure. She’s also a writer, a filmmaker, a guide and an entrepreneur. We’re pretty sure she never sleeps. Ladies, you’ll love hearing her stories and she’ll teach you all you need to know about mixing it up on rock and ice!

Majka climbing at Cathedral Ledge Photo: Anne Skidmore

To sign up for this and any other clinic, you can call us directly at 603.356-7064. Or you can go to our contact page and fill out the pre-registration form.