We’re totally psyched to have Julbo USA back on board as a sponsor again this year! They’re a huge supporter of ours and New England Athletes! All of our Guest Guides get outfitted with a pair of Julbo Sunglasses for Ice Fest each year. These folks are out in the elements all day, nearly every day and they need the best when it comes to protecting their eyes from the elements! The folks they support here in the Northeast are skier Ashley Maxfield, Freddie Wilkinson, runner Aliza Lapierre, Ben Gilmore, Majka Burhardt, Kevin Mahoney and this year’s new guest guides Adam and Caroline George. Awesome!!

Julbo has been around for the last 120 years and has a strong history based in alpine mountaineering and high altitude adventures. These days they are the premier multi-sport  company in the sunglasses industry. Their product is affordable, durable and they have amazing customer service. Ultimately what we’re saying here is they rock and you should be sure to check them out next time you need sunglasses or goggles!