It’s getting to be that time of year again. The ice season is approaching and we are all digging through our closets to make sure we have the gear we need. As you assemble your kit, don’t forget to protect those eyeballs! A good pair of sunglasses makes a huge difference, and Julbo makes some of the best. We are psyched to welcome them back for 2014 Ice Fest!

Julbo2Julbo MonteBianco

Whether you are getting after it in the mountains or cruising around town, Julbo shades have you covered. Their sunglasses are built to withstand harsh conditions and high altitude, while still looking fly. Check out the MonteBianco (also available in women’s!) for a versatile and stylish pair of shades. Also, take a peek at their website for their entire line.

Julbo has been super supportive over the years. They get a big shout out for supplying all of the Ice Fest Guides with a fresh pair of sunglasses for the event. A handful of Julbo Athletes will also be coming to Ice Fest, but we won’t tell you who just yet! Stay tuned for more info…