Good Morning Crew!! This morning we’re coming at you with news that Petzl is back on board again for the 2014 Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival! We’re stoked! Do you need new crampons? Ice tools? Screws? Petzl has you covered! They’re top of the line in products and innovation! Every year they come out with some new and exciting products and this year is no different!

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One of the newest products is the Laser Speed Ice Screw which is due out in shops any day now. These screws are highly anticipated and introduce some impressive design features. With Petzl’s patented and aggressive tooth design, the new screws gain purchase in the ice quickly so that the climber can then use the ergonomic crank to then finish the placement. The teeth on the Laser Speed integrate a “sharpening reserve” allowing them to be sharpened many times over the life of the screw without having to severely reshape the cutting edge. ¬†Stay tuned for more information on their new ice screw sharpener, due to release with these screws!

Petzl's Laser Speed Ice Screws

Petzl’s Laser Speed Ice Screws

The Tube of the Laser Speed is designed for strength and durability with rounded threads to prevent dulling and treated steel to reduce weight and improve strength. The hanger of the screws is aluminum to reduce weight and is also significantly lower profile to allow the screw to fit in even the tightest of placements without having to clear ice out of the way. The hanger is also big enough to accommodate two carabiners in anchor situations. The new integrated crank pivots out to finish the placement with speed!

Petzl is super psyched about these new screws and so are we! Be sure to look for them at the Petzl booth during Ice Fest and stay tuned for more on what you can expect from them this year!