We want to send a warm (and we’re talking merino wool warm!) welcome to Ibex!  They are back as one of our wonderful sponsors for the 2014 Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest!  Ibex Outdoor Clothing is durable, evolving, active and modern. Their repurposed Vermont headquarters used to be a car dealership. The showroom now showcases the recent works of our creative outdoor attire. Since our founding, we’ve pushed the boundaries of wool construction, built relationships with like-minded craftspeople, sheep farmers and clothing manufacturers, and established a relationship with our customers that goes beyond the standard we make, you buy model of indelicate consumption.  Their gear is some of the warmest and highest quality out there.  Their products last so long, are so soft, and keep you warm like no other!   Their under layers are some of our favorites.  If you treat yourself to one, we don’t think you’ll regret it one bit!

And one lil’ side note.  The Ibex website is gorgeous, and they have a really cool Ibex Instagram area called, Living Ibex.  Be sure to procrastinate and check it out!


Check out Living Ibex: http://ibex.com/livingibex