Hope everyone is cozy on this wintery morning! It may be cold outside, but we want to give a warm welcome  to DRY ICE Tools!!!

If you are like us, you love to climb ice. Also, if you are like us, you find the beginning of ice climbing season to be riddled with pumped-out forearms and sore muscles. Ice climbing requires very specific movement, and it is difficult to recreate this movement elsewhere. Enter DRY ICE Tools. This company is making it possible to train for ice climbing in your local climbing gym without specialized holds, and without dropping an ice-axe on a fellow climber.


The design is simple and super smart: they have an ergonomic handle that mimics the shaft of an ice axe, with a loop of stiff rubber that can be looped around climbing holds. The movement is as close as you can get to mixed climbing and ice climbing, without the danger of a sharp metal point. Happier gyms, happier climbers, and a much better start to your ice season! Sign us up!


DRY ICE Tools are popping up everywhere this season, and more and more hard-hitting ice climbers are training with them. We are psyched to announce that YOU will be able to test these bad boys out for yourself at Ice Fest this year. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to get used to, and by how well they simulate the movement of climbing real ice!