If you are like us, you love to both ice and mixed climb but feel unprepared when the ice starts forming ever November. Hitting the gym with a pair of DRY ICE Tools before and during the season, in addition to being tremendous fun, is a fantastic way to train specifically for the unique movements and strains of our sport. With the Dry Ice Tools, one can prepare at any time for an alpine trip that has been on the books for months or keep their fitness up in anticipation of that ephemeral once-in-a-decade grade VI ice line coming in.

Dry Ice Tools

The design is simple and super smart: they have an ergonomic handle that mimics the shaft of an ice axe with a loop of stiff rubber that can be hooked over the existing climbing holds at any gym. The movement is as close as you can get to mixed climbing and ice climbing, without the danger of a sharp metal point. These tools make for a good time and a much better start to your ice season!

DRY ICE Tools are popping up everywhere and an increasing number of hard-hitting ice climbers are training with them. We are psyched to announce that YOU will be able to test these bad boys out for yourself at Ice Fest this year. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy they are to get used to and by how well they simulate the movement of climbing real ice.