We are so excited to welcome back Sterling Rope Company! Sterling Rope will be sending a bunch of awesome swag including Photons, Hollowblocks, AND an Evolution Helix! The Evolution Helix is Small but mighty! This lightweight, durable 9.5 is ideal for high-end sport, trad and mixed climbing. The Fusion Photon is dual certified to half and twin this rope offers multiple benefits when traveling across glaciers or steep couloirs. Don’t miss out on these awesome raffle prizes!


Have you heard of Sterling’s Rope Recycling Initiative? Sterling Rope has been taking back retired ropes in order to keeping thousands of pounds ropes out of landfills. This year, Ice Festers can bring their old dynamic ropes they no longer use and Sterling Rope will recycle it for you! When you do so, you will be entered into a raffle to win a BRAND NEW ROPE! More details to come!


Why should you recycle your rope?

There are lots of reasons, but we feel the top three are:
1) Keep the rope out of the landfill.
2) Keep climbers safe by retiring old rope once and for all.
3) Reuse the petroleum-based nylon for something else.

Their recycling initiative allows anyone to send their ropes directly back to Sterling via the most economical means at any time – no matter what brand of rope it is!