Last year IMCS Guide Sam Bandroth asked if we could host a Blood Cancer Drive at the Ice Fest in hopes of trying to help his father, David Bendroth who was battling blood disease and seeking a matching donor to have a bone marrow transplant.  This year we want to keep the drive going in honor of David but also to help a special little girl from Saco, Maine find a match.  Jane Chauvin, wife of Marc Chauvin of locally owned guiding service Chauvin Guides coincidentally contacted us about doing a drive for her cousins sweet daughter, Hayley.  Without hesitation we said yes.  At the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest, we hope we inspire you to climb, get after your goals, and have a rocking weekend!  We also hope you see how we truly love to give back, and how we as a climbing community can do that.  All you have to do is swab to see if you are a match and you will be able to do that at the Apres Hour at IME and the evening events on Friday and Saturday!

Hayley is from Saco Maine, is twelve years old, and she was diagnosed with the blood diseases known as aplastic anemia six years ago.  Aplastic anemia is a bone marrow disease that causes a deficiency of blood cells.  The good news is that aplastic anemia is both treatable and curable, but in order to be cured, the person must receive a bone marrow transplant.  Additionally it has to be from almost a genetic twin and right now there is not a match in the national database.  Let’s try and help her find a potential match at the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest!  Again here is when you’ll be able to swab, and potentially save a life!

3:30-5:30pm, Friday & Saturday afternoons at IME (International Mountain Equipment), North Conway, NH
6:30-9:30pm, Friday & Saturday evenings at evening events, Theater In The Wood, Intervale, NH