DMM is stepping up in a big way for Ice Fest this year. Here is a run down on what über high-quality components (made in Wales) Ice Fest attendees could win this year. I’ll get right to it.

Torque Nuts (or hexes)
Torque_nutsThe cow bells of the north country, you can tell a mixed climbing crusher is approaching when you hear the distinctive hollow ‘dong’ of hexes jangling on a climber’s harness. This lightweight, timeless type of pro has been given a face lift by DMM and they are better than ever. Lighter, more durable than cams, and better at staying put when placed in icy cracks, the Torque Nuts are a mixed climbing must.

offsetAlloy Off-sets
When at the DMM table give these bad boys a wide birth because they really bite. This set of nuts covers a large range and, thanks to the innovative design, slot and stay far better than other companies’ nuts in icy cracks (or, really, any crack). The Off-sets have seen noticeable improvements in the past years. They are now color coded and even more robust and durable than they were just a few years ago – which was already pretty burly.

wallnutsThe standard nut from DMM, which means you can expect consistent quality and a high degree of craftsmanship. Take a look at these nuts at IME and notice the little details that make them really stand out from other companies. The wall nuts are a go-to for a climber looking for a year-round nut option.

At the top of a long circuitous pitch, have you ever felt like your belayer is messing with you and not actually feeding out slack as you nearly pull yourself off the cliff clipping? Rope drag happens but it doesn’t have to. The Revolvers dramatically reduce drag with a spinning wheel mounted in the carabiner. Look them up and keep a few handy on your longer slings, you’ll thank DMM if you do.

Bulldogs & Terriers
bulldogSpectre hooks, called out by name frequently in NorthEast ice and mixed guidebooks, can be pounded into ice, cracks, or turf (lots of turf). If you are an aspiring alpine or mixed climber and don’t know what these are drop by the DMM table and ask. They look scary but few pieces of protection can bring as much relief as the DMM Bulldogs and Terriers. The most recent Rock and Ice Weekend Whipper wouldn’t have been so long if only the climber had brought along some Terriers or Bulldogs.

freedomFreedom Leashes
Climbing leashless without being at risk of dropping your tools? Yeah, it seems like a contradiction but not with the Freedom Leashes. Have the ability to quickly and easily switch tools and, as an added bonus, when you get pumped out of your gourd and can no longer muster the 10 lbs of forearm strength required to hold onto your tools just take a seat. These leashes will have you (as long as your tools are solid and you ease onto them).

DragonsDragons & Demons
The light, new, innovative cams from DMM. Take a look at these modern classics and see why so many climbers are raving about this little Welsh climbing company.

DMM’s workhorse locking carabiner. Lightweight and incomparably strong, the Boa, as with all DMM products, is really made by the attention to detail that the engineers in Wales paid to this awesome locker. Come by the DMM table and ask them about their engineering and production process. It is pretty incredible.

T-shirts, Chalk bags, and Cam lobe keychains
ChalkGive a nod to other people at the crag that you know whats good with these other pieces of DMM schwag.