We are excited to welcome back Ian Osteyee with C.A.M.P! In short, C.A.M.P. stands for history, innovation, quality and absolute dedication to the mountain lifestyle. They make the lightest peice of gear in nearly every category they sell, so be sure to check out their demo table at Ice Fest and take advatage of all the weight saving technology.

Ian began rock and ice climbing in the Adirondacks in the early eighties and began showing up on first ascents as early as 1984. Ian has climbed throughout the U.S. including Alaska, and has climbed in the Canadian Rockies, Europe, and even has several first ascents in Nepal. Ian is a talented guide with loads of knowlege and experience to share. Stay tuned to see what clinic he will be instructing. Welcome back Ian Osteyee and C.A.M.P!IAN_Osteyee_0029