We are excited to welcome Trango athlete Erik Eisele! Looking for a new pair of ice tools? Be sure to demo the Trango Raptor, a top of the line ice and mixed climbing tool available at ice fest.

The big treat is that Trango Athlete Erik Eisele will be back for another Ice Fest! He is a freelance journalist, avid year-around White Mountain climber, and professional local guide. With first ascents up to M8 and 5.12., tricky M11 mixed climbs, and expeditions spanning the globe, Erik is a top-notch athlete. This winter he will be traveling to Scotland to take part in the International Climbers Exchange, where his scrappy New England mixed climbing skills will be put to the test! Erik is a spectacular teacher with a vast amount of experience to share and you definitely won’t want to miss the chance to climb with this local crusher!