We are so psyched for two things that go hand and hand perfectly together!

First we are honored and pumped to welcome back the official 2016 MWV Ice Fest beer sponsor, Tuckerman Brewery!
With that in mind, we are so amped for the SNOW that is on it’s way, and the White Mountains is in the heart of it!
We know that the folks at “Tucks” are just as excited for the winter weather, as their company branding is inspired from the big ol’ Mount Washington here!

You will be able to sample some of Tuckerman Brewing Co’s fine crafted beer at the following events during the MWV Ice Fest:

  • Apres Climbing Hour @ IME, 3:30-5:30pm, Fri & Sat (Feb. 5th & 6th)
  • Evening Events @ Theater In The Wood, 7pm-9pm, Fri & Sat (Feb. 5th & 6th)

But we want to send a huge shout out to this crew as they brew incredible beer, and have some new a killer brews on tap now, and more in the works!  One we are especially psyched on is the new Rockpile IPA!  Ot’s 6.5% alcohol and 65 IBUs.  It’s available in samples and growlers out of the tasting room right now and is in restaurants around the area right now!  YUM!

Tuckerman Brewery is very serious about the quality of the beer they brew. With that in mind, they also know that living in the White Mountains of NH, there is a quality of life thing going on too!  We couldn’t agree more, and are so honored to have them back again at the 2016 Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest.  You will be able to sample their amazing beer throughout the fest.  And while it’s amazing to sip on a fine beer after climbing, remember before & after the Ice Fest that the local company of Tuckerman Brewing Co. and the good folks at Tuckerman’s support climbers and the climbing community here in New Hampshire.  Thanks Tuckerman Brewing Co.!