JULBO_0002We are throwing a big shout out to Julbo this morning.  This company is special and awesome for a few reasons.  Did you know that the CEO of Julbo USA, Nick Yardley, was one of the founding fathers of the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest?!  While there may have only been 10-15 people at the first MWV Ice Fest, it was still the first!  Thus, Julbo has a special connection and relationship with the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest, and every year they come in big to give the Guest Guides and the IMCS Guides a killer welcome and a whole lot of Julbo love!  They hook each of them up with a brand new pair of shades to protect their eyes throughout the weekend, and then to keep and use the rest  of year for their guiding days, expeditions, and all of their climbing adventures.  Being a guide is amazing, but also a lot of hard work!  We dig that Julbo recognizes that, and year after year they want the guides to feel that BIG Julbo LOVE!  With that being said, we asked our guides (from past and present) to send us a photo of themselves wearing their Julbo pride, to send back some love to Julbo this year!  It was so fun to see all the photos from the guides, and see where they have taken them!
To top it off, Julbo will be at the Ice Fest with all their shades at their demo table for you to try on and check out.  It will be super easy for you to find the pair that will fit your face, suit your style, and perform well for all your outdoor endeavors.  Don’t miss their table upstairs during the Ice Fest, and thank you Julbo for being an awesome sponsor to the MWV Ice Fest and for all the respect you show the guides!