Come hungry!  Soup in your bellies!  “Chowder House” & “Soup Kitchen”  will provide you the after climbing warmth you need.  Located at IME during the Apres Hour, keep your eyes peeled and sniff out that yummy soup smell.  Details below!

Salt Pump Climbing Co. “Chowder House”

  • When:  Apres Hour on Friday, 3:30-5:30
  • Where:  Upstairs of IME at the Dry Ice Tools/Furnace Industry Table
  • What:  They will be serving yummy Maine homemade clam chowder

Salt Pump Climbing Co. opened its doors summer of 2015 and has quickly has been one of the best climbing gyms around.  Its the local go-to to train for your upcoming climbing trips and local projects.  Check them out!  Located in Scarborough, Maine, the gym sits on a majestic pond and “Soup Kitchen”

  • When:  Apres Hour on Friday & Saturday, 3:30-5:30
  • Who:  Doug Millen from will be serving up his famous soup
  • Where:  Upstairs of IME!
    • Friday:  @ The AAC Table
    • Saturday:  @ The Mammut Table
  • What:  Doug’s yummy homemade soup has been warming up the bellies of Ice Festers for years! continues to provide climbers in the North East with the local beta, mountain conditions, current weather conditions, route photos and they do a wonderful job of connecting the climbing community together.