The good news coming out of the chilly Ice Fest headquarters this morning is not only that there is snow on the peaks and cold temps in the forecast, but that CAMP and CAMP Athlete, Ian Osteyee, are back on the Ice Fest roster!

CAMP is well known for the innovative, lightweight climbing gear that they began designing 125 years ago in the mountains of Northern Italy.  That gear sure comes in handy here in the White Mountains where shaving ounces really counts.  Whether you’re heading out for an alpine climb on Mount Washington or learning the nuances of thin ice at Frankenstein, be sure to grab some CAMP demo gear to make the approach and the send that much easier!

Not only will CAMP be providing awesome gear to sample, but they are also sending along Ian Osteyee, a crusher of a a climber and a fantastic instructor.  Ian is the owner of Adirondack Mountain Guides and has been a staple of the MWV Ice Fest in recent years.  His Thin Ice clinics have always received rave reviews, and Ian loves watching the participants dialing in the subtle art of thin ice climbing.  At the end of the day, it’s all about “the excitement and looks of accomplishment on the faces of the folks climbing.”

Welcome back Ian and CAMP!