Morning Folks!  Today we are happy to announce that Marc Chauvin has been added to the guest guide roster!

A longtime staple to the Mount Washington Valley guiding community, Marc is an IFMGA guide and the owner of Chauvin Guides International.  He boasts an incredible resume that includes not only extensive work here in New Hampshire, but also many trips to far-flung mountain ranges around the world.  He is best known for his technical prowess, his navigational wizardry, and his commitment to the guiding profession.  Recently, Marc has been working as the co-author of the Mountain Guide Manual.  Need we say more?!  The man is a wealth of knowledge, and the opportunity to learn from him is not to be missed!

So if you are looking to dial in your Ice Rescue system, or sign up for the 2 Day Learn To Clinic with him and guest guide Janet Wilkinson.  Both clinics will be jam packed with info to further your skills and knowledge!