We’re psyched to talk up our friends at NEIce a ‘lil bit on the blog today.  The NEIce table at IME will once again be dishing out not only some of the best beta about the valley, but piping hot soup as well!

Big news!  The biggest upgrade to NEice.com in over a decade is well under way. The site is now 100% mobile. No apps or plugins required. Everything you see on the desktop is now available on your phone.  Cool, huh?  An update from back in September about this endeavor is here, on their post NEIce 2.0.

There is still have a TON of work to do to add more content to the site and the tweaks will continue into the winter.  NEIce is looking for volunteers to help with this work. They need someone to moderate the forum, an editor to proof all posts, someone to help with the eguide section and a social media person for the facebook page.

“The NEice model was based on how things worked pre Facebook and Instagram. When I started NEice phones did not take photos and were not connected to the internet. I was one of the few with a digital camera. The new site will take advantages of the latest social platforms and technology. I have many other ideas and need help implementing them.”

This is a great time to get involved with this grassroots local resource and give back to them and the community!  Get in touch with Doug Millen for more information!!!  Also, if you have financial means to support en lieu of time/experience you can donate to the cause!