When does your season begin?  We don’t think it should ever end, and with Furnace Industries you can make that happen and train all year long!  These guys will be back at the MWV Ice Fest for you to try out their wood shaft Kronos Tools and also check out their Dry Ice Tools that allow to train in the gym year round.  With the Kronos Tools you may ask, why wood?  Their response is:  “With an organic material, hands stay warmer when climbing in cold conditions.  The wood ‘dampens’ the strike of the ice ax into the ice while simultaneously increasing sensitivity.  Add to these unique qualities CE Certified, ‘T’ rated performance and an aesthetic beauty like no other ice tool ever made to make the most original ice ax on the market.”  And with their Dry Ice Tools you can figure 4 your core ALL year long to be good to go and not get pumped out of your brains on early season ice.  You’ll only have to manage the foreseen screaming barfies.  Check out their trailer below, and be sure to rethink when your season begins!