Julbo is back with some of the latest glasses for you all to check out.  They are also bringing along a few new sunglasses, coming soon, called the Shield, as well as all of their other awesome products you all are hopefully familiar with.  The Shield will feature out REACTIV Photochromic Cameleon lens and our standard Spectron 4 in several difference colored frames. They will be show casing it at the Ice Fest this year!

Julbo Shield Sunglasses coming soon!

Julbo has been around since 1888 thanks to it’s founder, Jules Baud, who started this business designing optical eyewear and was driven by innovation.  “In the early 20th century, at the request of Chamonix crystal hunters wanting to protect their eyes in the mountains, he designed the first «Cristalliers» sunglasses, marking the start of Julbo’s optical sun protection story.”

Check out these classic images from the Julbo archive below!

We’ll leave you with this awesome video showing behind the scene action at one of our favorite companies!