Whats the best way to keep your ‘tude from going south on a long day outside?  FOOD!  These two companies were started by New Englanders looking for REAL and EASY food to eat in the out of doors and we love it!

UnTapped uses real maple syrup to deliver a burst of energy that won’t leave you feeling crashed out.  By using pure natural maple syrup instead of processed sweeteners your getting all that sustained long lasting energy, as well as amino acids, antioxidants and even riboflavin.  Check out more specs here.

Good To Go Foods was born of the idea that backpacking meals don’t have to stink!  Those just-add-water bags have been around for years….but now they’re GOOD.  They’ve got flavors like Thai Curry and Mushroom Risotto. No more sitting down of a warm bag of something vaguely salty with the texture of glue when you’re about to bonk.  These are chef created!