Avalanches aren’t just the prevue of skiers!  Every year chances are you are topping out or descending in potential avalanche terrain.  One quick change in the weather makes a big difference in winter sports.  Mount Washington Avalanche Center and White Mountain Avalance Education Fund are holding their annual Eastern Snow and Science Workshop (ESAW) this coming Saturday, November 3, 2019.

You can buy tickets online.  Join snow rangers; Frank Carus, Helon Hoffer and Ryan Matz, along with guest speakers; Sam Colebeck, Brian Lazar and Dr Elizabeth Burakowski this Saturday.  More knowledge will only stack the deck in your favor this winter!

To read more about what the Snow Rangers do in the Ravine in the winter, and how avalanches can potentially affect climbers, please follow the link below to an accident report from 2002.

Incidents and Accidents– Climber Triggered Avalanche