Kong USA is returning for it’s second year at Ice Fest!  They’re back this year with a demo lineup of new crampons and the Soul Ice Axe.  All Kong’s equipment is designed and manufactured in Monte Marzeno, Italy.  They’re bringing their Soul Ice Axe, with its wooden core it’s promised to be vibration free!  New crampons in the Kong family, the Lys and Rutor will also be available to demo!  Click on links below for technical specs!!



2019 Demo fleet includes:

Soul Ice Axe

Lys Automatic Crampons

Lys Semi-Automatic Crampons

Rutor Automatic Crampons

Rutor Semi-Automatic Crampons


“The entire production cycle, from design to packaging, is made in our factory of 10,000 square meters, located in Monte Marenzo, Italy.”