Below is the schedule for all the clinics our guest guides will be instructing during the 2010 Ice Fest!
Check them out and sign up! Tons of additional clinics are being taught by the IMCS guides who are just as amazing and wonderful as our guest guides! It’s a real win-win situation!
Give us a ring before they fill up!
IMCS Office: 603-356-7064

Janet Bergman:
Fri.: Women’s Intro/Basic Ice
Sat: Women’s Intro/Basic Ice
Majka Burhardt:
Sat: Women’s Steep Ice & Intro to Mixed
Sun: Women’s Steep Ice & Mixed
Emilie Drinkwater: Sat: Intro/Basic Ice
Sun: Women’s Intro/Basic Ice
Ben Gilmore:
Sat: Intro to Ice Leading
Sun: Steep Waterfall Ice
Steve House:
Sat: Advanced Ice Clinic
Whit Magro:
Sat: Intermediate & Advanced Mixed Climbing
Sun: Intermediate & Advanced Mixed Climbing
Kevin Mahoney:
Fri: Steep Ice
Sat: Fast & Light Alpine Climbing Techniques
Sun: One-Day Ice Leading Clinic (Intro & Intermediate)
Mark Synnott:
Fri: Intermediate & Advanced Mixed Climbing
Freddie Wilkinson:
Sat: Steep Ice & Intro to Mixed Climbing
Sun: Intro to Mixed Climbing

Other courses being taught by amazing IMCS guides include:
-Guided Hardman/Hardwoman Climb On Cathedral Ledge
-Two-Day Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue course
-Snow & Ice Anchor Clinic
-Alpine Style Climb
-Huntington Ravine climb
-One-day Ascent Of Mt. Washington
-One-day Ascent Of the Northern Presidentials
-Basic Waterfall Ice Climbing
IMCS Office: 603-356-7064

IMCS guide Peter Doucette styling it up at Troville in Jackson, NH.