Sterling Rope is asking all climbers who will be apart, around, and joining the Ice Fest Festivities to bring in their old dynamic ropes they no longer use and Sterling Rope will recycle it for you! When you do so, you will be entered into a raffle to win a BRAND NEW ROPE!

Why should you recycle your rope?

There are lots of reasons, but we feel the top three are:
1) Keep the rope out of the landfill.
2) Keep climbers safe by retiring old rope once and for all.
3) Reuse the petroleum-based nylon for something else.

So bring your old dynamic rope to the Sterling Rope booth at IME during the Ice Fest, and you’ll be entered into Sterling Ropes Raffle to win a new rope! The winner of the rope will be announced at the Bring Back The 80’s Dance Party up at Black Mountain in Jackson, NH on Saturday night!