Freddie prepping the comp climbers on the rules, the route, and the gun show they need to bring.

Good news kids! It’s confirmed that Freddie Wilkinson will be hosting Friday nights events for the 2011 Ice Fest. We have yet to release what RAD events the night will consist of, but we will tell you he is the MOST entertaining for the job. Freddie will also be psyching up all the competitors for the Ice Fest Face Off Comp! More info on the Comp and details on the competitors, and how you can apply to compete will be soon released! Friday night will be one you don’t want to miss! Last year it was a BLAST. We can’t guarantee Freddie will pull out the purple spandex out again, but knowing him we’re sure he’ll have something up his sleeve!

Working the crowd in Mountain Hardwear and purple spandex, the one and only Freddie Wilkinson.