Every year at the Ice Fest we hold a silent auction to raise money for a local non-profit. This year we have great news! The Mountain Rescue Service of the White Mountain Region will be the beneficiary at the 2011 Ice Fest. These men and women risk their own lives to save other lives when things go wrong in the mountains. And as they say on their site they “provide specialized technical teams, comprised of world class guides and climbers, who volunteer their time and expertise in the service of hikers and climbers who need assistance.” The silent auction will be held throughout Saturday evenings festivities at the Cranmore Climbing Wall and there will be a bunch of folks from MRS running the auction- so come on down and meet them! In addition to that evening Patagonia athlete Kelly Cordes will be giving a multimedia show followed by the AAC All American Party with DJ Mon Voyage Neon! More details to follow soon!

But to wrap it all up this volunteer technical rescue service depends on donations to operate. We also want to send a HUGE thank you to Ice Fest sponsor Wild Things, for recently donating 40+ jackets to the members of MRS to help keep them safe and warm during their rescues. It’s great to see a local company helping out a really important service to the Mount Washington Valley. Be sure to think about Wild Things with your next purchase when you’re searching for some new winter apparel!

Feeling generous right now? Donation details here: MRS WEBSITE