There is finally snow falling in the Mount Washington Valley (we got a foot plus!) and with Ice Fest only a few weeks away it really feels like the kind of winter that brought many of us to this part of the country.

Yesterday morning the Ice Fest Crew was introduced to Athletes For A Fit Planet by the good folks at Earthtec in Portsmouth, NH.

This group works to connect athletes and events with practices that are good for the planet. Their concept is simple and so are the steps to making an event more sustainable.

On February 4th reps, guides, athletes and friends from all over the country will begin arriving here for a killer weekend to celebrate a community passion for ice climbing. Yesterday morning we watched snow fall for one of the first times this winter. For the last few weeks we’ve been a tad worried with all this wacky weather. Whether you believe in global warming or not we still have a responsibility to give back to the natural world that provides us with such an incredible outlet to pursue our passions for swinging tools into ice or having adventures on warm rock.

We will be doing a few things throughout the weekend to try to be a little respectful to our Mother Earth.

1. A ride share board for the 18th Annual Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest is one thing we would like to encourage. So if you need a ride or can offer someone a ride up for the weekend please go to our Ice Fest facebook page and look in the “Notes” section for the “Ride Share Opportunities” and start posting if you are psyched to carpool with folks from your area or are open to drive folks up in your vehicle.

2. We will have recycling bins at IME & The Cranmore Climbing Wall. Please keep your eyes open to dispose trash or recycling properly.

3. The Sterling Rope Recycling Program is back at the 2011 Ice Fest! It’s simple folks. BRING IN YOUR OLD ROPE, and make more room in your shed/closet/bedroom!

4. Ice Fest clinics and guides will be encouraging your groups to carpool to the wherever your clinic destination is. If you have a descent size car, or a big trunk- please try to empty it out so you can all carpool. Plus, it’s pretty gosh darn fun to ride up to the cliff/crag/ice all together!

5. Have an idea? Please share it with us. E-mail event planner Sasha with your idea at:

Thank you for doing your little piece with us and we look forward to seeing you swinging and kicking in a few weeks!

Bring in your old ropes! Time to let go, and acknowledge their time was good and appreciated….and can be disposed of properly. Shed a tear and hand them over to Sterling Rep- Doug Madara at the Ice Fest.