Will Gadd climbing at the unbelievable Helmcken Falls.

We have some exciting news for all you Ice Festers on this Wednesday morning (happy hump day!).  The Ice Fest Crew and Sterling Rope is super psyched to announce our keynote speaker for the 2012 Ice Fest is……

Will Gadd!  

A lot of you may have seen him most recently in the Reel Rock Film Tour where he was exploding 30 foot icicle bombs and sending the hardest pure ice climb in the world.  Now this larger than life guy is coming to the 2012 Ice Fest to talk in person about his crazy ice climbing adventures in British Columbia’s spectacular Helmcken Falls.  Additionally he will also touch on his other climbing experiences that may include climbing icebergs off the coast of Labrador, underground mines in Sweden, and fjords in Norway.  Yes, this guy is rad.  

Additionally, the same evening he’ll be psyching up all the Face Off Competitors!  It’ll be a blast to have this guy in the house while our guest guides, athletes, and local New England hardmen give it their all!  It will be a must see! 

Get psyched, and start making your plans to come up for the 2012 Ice Fest!  It’s one you’re NOT gonna want to miss!  Both Will speaking and the Face Off Comp will be on FRIDAY night, February 3rd, 2012.  Spread the word! 

Will doing what he does best- mixed climbing, and exploring underground mines in Sweden.
Looks like such a great guy, and he is!  We’re psyched to have you coming out Will!

Sterling Rope is bringing Will Gadd to the 2012 MWV Ice Fest.  These guys rock, and make some of the best ropes in the industry.  Check em out, because these guys do it all for YOU