Matt McCormick reracking on Cannon Cliff, NH. 

Hey Folks!  We got word that New England hardman Matt McCormick will be coming back to the 2012 Ice Fest.  This guy pulls down, puts up first ascents and is a wonderful all round person.  In addition, he is an incredible teacher.  During the Ice Fest you have the opportunity to take a clinic with Matt Friday through Sunday.  Be sure to chat him up, or sign up for a clinic with him.  We will be posting our clinics for the 2012 Ice Fest within the next week or so!  Have training questions?  Matt is a training machine, so send him a line.  And he will also be climbing in the Ice Fest Face Off Comp on Friday night!  Don’t miss it, and we’re so psyched to have him back!   

Matt McCormick scraping around on a very thin Omega on Cannon Cliff.