Hey Folks! We’ve been chatting with our friends over at Petzl to get an idea of what they’ll be bringing to the Ice Fest demo table this year! They’ve always been a leader in the ice climbing world and this year they’ll have two exciting new products for you to try out along with the rest of their ice climbing line.

New this year is the Lynx Crampon. This crampon is for the climber who does it all. It is extremely versatile and performs well on steep ice, snow couloirs and on mixed terrain. The modular front points allow you to fit the crampon to your specific needs including dual or mono-points, long or short and/or asymmetrical. These crampons also come with interchangeable front bindings which means you don’t have to have boots with toe welts in order to use them.

One gear critic had this to say about the Lynx: “Petzl used some innovative engineerin here to make one pair of Lynx fix a majority of boots commercially available. And trust me, just being able to fit 50% of the boots available is a major accomplishment. With the Lynx, I think Petzl will be well past the 50% grade. Not sure any recently manufactured crampon can claim anything remotely similar.” These are great crampons but don’t take our word for it! Demo a pair at Ice Fest this year and see how good they are for yourself!

The Lynx Crampon

Also available to demo to this year is the newly designed Nomic ice tool. The Nomic was made for both ice climbing and dry tooling, another all arounder that performs well on both! As they say on the website, the Nomic allows the rock climbing repertoire to be transferred to ice. These tools have an ergonomic handle that is adjustable to fit your needs. The ice pick allows for easy penetration into any type of ice and comes out easily. It can also be equipped with two removable pick weights to balance and propel the axe. Lastly you can put a hammer on it for ease in placing pitons while climbing! Whether you’re just learning to ice/mixed climb or you’ve been at it for 25 years this tool does it all so be sure to stop by the Petzl table and give them a try!

The Nomic ice tool.

Check out this cool video to see all the Petzl ice tools in action!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/15122162 w=400&h=225]