Snow kiting guide Zeb Jakub in action! New Ice Fest Clinic; Snow Kiting!

Hey Ice Festers! We’re really excited to offer you a totally new clinic during ice fest this year! IMCS guide and Snow Kite wiz kid Zeb Jakub will be teaching Intro to Snow Kiting! Here you’ll learn the basics of what it takes to partake in this exciting new winter sport. Snow Kiting started back in the 60’s and has since been perfected with its growing popularity. Similar to kite surfing, people use kite power to propel themselves across frozen lakes or snow covered fields wearing skis or snowboards instead of the surfboard. The sport is becoming more diverse as participants use kites to travel greater distances and enthusiasts start to pus the boundaries of freestyle, big air, speed and back country exportation.

Check out those snow kiting skillz!

The Snow Kiting Clinic is being offered on both Friday and Saturday of Ice Fest. Two three hour courses will be offered each day running from 9-12 and 1-4!! Zeb will walk you through the steps on how to choose a kite appropriate for the sport. He’ll be teaching participants about the technicalities of each kite system, how weather can affect the sport and simple self rescue techniques; all of which are inherent in taking part in snow kiting safely! You’ll learn how exciting snow kiting can be and open your eyes to all the new and exciting possibilities it will bring into your winter recreation repertoire!! Don’t wait! Sign up today!
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