Bayard Russell 

Howdy Folks! Ever wonder what it takes to be a hardman? Take a clinic with Outdoor Research and Sterling Rope Athlete Bayard Russell and you’ll find out! He’s one of New England’s most bad ass climbers and is based right here in North Conway. In climbing with Bayard when the going gets tough, he goes harder! He seems to excel in the coldest, most miserable conditions and in fact, seems to enjoy them. He’s put up hard first ascents all over New England and has been on the summits of both Denali and Mt. Hunter in Alaska.  In 2010, he won the Ice Fest Mixed Competition with style and he’ll be back in the game for 2012! 

Bayard demonstrating those steep ice skills!

This year he’s returning as a Guest Guide for Ice Fest! We’ve got him teaching some pretty awesome clinics including the O.R. Intro to Mixed Climbing clinic on Friday where he’ll teach you the skills to get scrappy out there on mixed terrain with confidence! On Saturday he’s coming in to get those of you who’re a bit more experienced, up on that steep stuff with the O.R. Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills Clinic. Check out the IMCS Ice Fest Clinic page for more info to sign up!
FRIDAY, Feb. 3rd:
Outdoor Research’s Intro to Mixed Climbing with Bayard Russell
SATURDAY, Feb. 4th:
Outdoor Research’s Steep Waterfall Ice Climbing Skills with Bayard Russell