Hey Kids! We thought you’d be interested in knowing that two more sponsors from last year’s Ice Fest will be back in town again this year! Both Beal and Grivel will be chillin’ upstairs with exciting new gear for you to try out! 

We’ll have the reps from Beal upstairs to give you the low down on all of their awesome ropes! One of the cool things about their ropes is that depending on the weather you can choose the best protection for your rope! They even have an “Eco Rope” which is a bit more friendly towards the environment!! Be sure you stop in to hear all about their new innovations this year! 

Beal’s 8.1mm Ice Line! Siiiick!

You’ll also be excited to hear that Grivel will have some super rad tools, crampons and helmets for you to have a go with! They’ve got over 200 years of experience making this stuff, so you know its going to be good! There will be a sweet selection upstairs at IME for you to choose from so don’t miss out! 

Designed for Alpine and Ice climbing, Grivel’s Mont Blanc has its namesake on the side!