Welcome back Patagonia! 

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and
implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

–Patagonia’s Mission Statement 
We are very excited to let you all know that Patagonia will be back at the 2012 Ice Fest demoing some of their winter gear for you all to try out!  In specific they will have the Knifeblade Pullover, which is specifically designed for alpine mixed climbing.  In addition Patagonia notes that the Knifeblade Pullover:
“fills the gap between traditional hard and soft shells, providing superb weather-resistance – functionally waterproof in all but a deluge – while remaining exceptionally breathable. It has a soft, pliable feel, slides easily over layers, and is durable enough to withstand big-route abuse. The stripped-down pullover has two water-resistant zippered chest pockets placed to avoid a harness or pack, low-profile cuff closures and Touch Point System™ embedded cord locks in the hood and hem for quick adjustment without opening the jacket.”
Patagonia is a long standing sponsor of the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest and we couldn’t be happier to have them back!
Also there is a great video with Steve House talking about why he chooses the Knifeblade as his “go to” piece.  Pretty fun little video with him climbing some ice in it.  Check it out below and so psyched to have Patagonia back!