Welcome back Majka!

We are so happy to announce that Majka Burhardt is back again this year! She wasn’t able to make it last year and we missed her! Not only are we excited that she’s back, but we’re also totally psyched that she’s bringing with her a NEW CLINIC to Ice Fest. This lady is the bomb diggs when it comes to getting scrappy out there and she’ll be here on Saturday teaching Patagonia’s Women’s Mixed Climbing Clinic! Ladies, there is no one better to get out on the mixed terrain with than this woman! She’s super funny, super smart and super strong! She’ll make you feel comfortable, keep you laughing and in awe all day long! 

Majka mixing it up on Diedre at Cathedral Ledge, North Conway, NH

Majka is a Patagonia Ambassador and has been an outdoors woman for the majority of her life. She cut her teeth climbing in the alpine environment of the North Cascades and has since climbed all over the world in places like Poland, Bolivia, Corsica and Alaska. In 2008 her book Vertical Ethiopia: Climbing Toward Possibility in the Horn of Africa came out and brought together her passion for adventure, culture and communication. She currently lives in Colorado but spends most of her time traveling, guiding and spreading the word about her book! She’s totally rad and we’re so happy she’ll be back this year to share her talents with us! 

Don’t wait to sign up! Patagonia’s Women’s Mixed Climbing Clinic will fill up fast! Call IMCS today! 603-356-7064!