Jim on a trip to Red Rocks!

We sent Jim Shimberg an e-mail asking him to send us some pictures of him ice climbing, and when he replied he sent us about 10 pictures that were all photos of him with his family, friends, or clients.  This really sums up Jim in a nutshell, and made us all smile real big.  We love this guy!  
So as you can imagine we are really excited to welcome back Jim Shimberg to the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest!  We can’t lie, Jim is one of our favorites, and we couldn’t be happier that he’ll be with us again this year! He is by far one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. This makes him even better as a guide. Shim (as his friends call him) has been at it for the past 22 years! He’s been all over the world and has his name all over guidebooks for both rock and ice across New England. He’s a legend in these parts for both his rock and ice skills, but also for just being one of the most wonderful people in the universe.  Did you know Shim made the first free ascent of the grade 6 ice climb ‘Call of the Wild’ at Lake Willoughby Vermont in 1995?  This was the first grade 6 ice climb in New England! 
Jim is specifically connected to three Ice Fest sponsors which are Black Diamond, La Sportiva, and Sterling Rope.  When Jim isn’t out climbing for fun or guiding he is spending time with his wonderful daughter Rose, and wife Dawn!  We’re so psyched to have you back Jim! 
Wife Dawn, awesome daughter Rose, & Shim!