We ❤ Flatbread Company!

Well, sometimes….sometimes we have our favorites.  And Flatbread Company right across the street from IME is most definitely one of our favorites.  They are a restaurant just filled with goodness!  They try to keep their food local, organic, and made with love.  In addition this restaurant is always literally, feeding back into our local community here in North Conway by having benefit nights almost every week!  See out point?  Good food, good folks there!  In addition they are special and long going sponsor of the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest!  We heart them!

So some key beta to the weekend, is trying to eat early to make it to the evening festivities on time!  We definitely recommend you head over to Flatbread Co. for an early dinner, or even better- order it to go!  We know after one bite you’ll taste what we’re talking about, and will make it a must stop every time you come back to the Mount Washington Valley!